My name is Angelica Murillo ad I am currently a San Bernardino High School graduate. I was born and raised in San Bernardino where I completed my education all the way up until High School. I decided it was time to take a plunge into a different environment and pursue in my education. I will be attending UC Davis in the fall. This has been my dream ever since I learned they had the best veterinary program. I am going there to study animals and I hope that in four years I get into veterinary school. When I was young animals were always some of my greatest interests and I am finally pursuing my dreams and getting closer to completing them. 
The Class of 1967 has been great help. I currently received a scholarship from them that will definitely help me keep some peace in mind when I go off to college. I am extremely grateful to them for helping me get one step closer to my dream.

Angelica Murillo